Thursday, October 27, 2011

There's nothing quite like walking into a bar, ordering a Peeber, and having the girls seated next to you look at you, and take off like you let a potato chip fart. It was a Tom Waits kind of night and the bartender lost his tip by not turning up On the Nickel so I could listen to the rednecks beside me, one with a goatee that was so coarse, it looked like pubic hair, talk about fingering a girl's asshole. What about that is appealing? It doesn't sound like fun for either party. Way to ruin my night, guy at Guu's.

If there were justice in this world, and it weren't the worst year of my entire life, I'd be throwing down with Against Me's Warren at Boca Fiesta in sunny Gainesville. I'd be throwing up gator burritos tomorrow morning before catching an arepa for breakfast at Fleco's.

I managed to see the ghost of pig champion who told me "You should be at Fest, dumbass, not wishing you were dead. Fuck everyone else, fuck your worries and regrets." I'll continue to get drunk while pondering his advice.

I spent two hours looking for the episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark with Sleepwalk in it so I could share it with Hanna, only to find out that, due to licensing, they had to change it in the DVD version. More fail.

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