Sunday, October 02, 2011

I always did my best to pick out her gifts. I listened to what she liked and wanted, but I got her a lot of books. I tried not to get her Hello Kitty things because my mo got her a lot of them. In fact, we've now got a Hello Kitty Halloween pail, which makes me sad to look at. I hope I never gave her a shitty gift but I don't think she'd tell me if I did. She never gave me anything I hated.

I liked watching television with her because she would laugh until she cried. She was a good laugher. Like with The Wild and Wonderful Whites or cannonball dookie. I can't find the clip of some celebrity screwing up the lyrics to 867-5309, but I thought she was going to die when she saw that. But she would cry, too. There's a scene in Mayor of the Sunset Strip where Rodney Bingenheimer has to dump his mother's ashes into a lake. I had already seen it and asked her to never make me do that and then I started crying and we cried together.

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