Monday, September 12, 2011

If I had access to a TARDIS with which to travel through time, creating universe destroying paradoxes, there's only one moment I need to change. The day I totally spaced out and spent a half an hour staring at traffic because I couldn't get out of my car, I told Hanna to get the fuck out of my house. I've apologized a lot for that and I'm told it's okay because I wasn't myself, but I remember saying those words and hoping I could reach up and grab them and stop them. It bothers me to look back on that. It's like a black mark, so I'd like to go back in time and prevent that moment from happening entirely or at least cuddle up with her and apologize a million times for it. If the doctor could make that happen, I'd be eternally grateful. Hearing her cry after I said it hurt quite a bit, it wasn't a normal cry, but a powerful, terrified one.I don't want it in my head anymore.

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