Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Greetings, Tom!

Hi, doc.

You know your prescription for the anti-depressant has run out? Would you like it refilled?

Fuck no, prick! You can takes your pills and stick them up your ass.


Remember when I specifically told you no mind control pills? And remember when you got my girlfriend to tug at my heart strings to trick me into taking them when she knew she was going to break up with me? You can lick my balls if you think I want to stay on that shit.You're a bigger asshole than House, fucker.

But it's not normal to beg for death.

You clearly don't know me, that's very normal.My job is to reset passwords for guys who dropped out of high school over 30 years ago.Begging for release in this situation is to be expected.


said Tommy T. at 6:02 PM - #

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