Monday, August 29, 2011

This would make her squee. She used to give a voice to my mom's lazy dog that is precisely what that dog would sound like.

Possibly the worst night I had while I was in the hospital or even the worst night of my life was the one where I was sure I was dead. I think my roommate must have watched some show about the end of the universe, about the sun going supernova or something, because I was terrified about dieing and trying to figure out what happens. Henry Rollins tells us, that when you die, it's over, and I find that scary. But then shit gets weirder, I imagined I was dead and no one followed my request that my body be destroyed( burned, blown up, etc...) or my head chopped off, to avoid a zombie reincarnation. I imagined that it was the end of the universe and the second coming of christ happened and he was resurrecting the dead right before the sun destroyed us all. That was some great cocktail of drugs they had me on.

I'm told I spent the rest of the night asking what if Jesus was a person? or why are you here? because, clearly at the end of time no one should be visiting me, which scared my girlfriend, but not my useless nurse.

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