Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Hanna,

You need to stop reading this right now. It will make you cry and it kills me to hear you cry. So close this window or tab.

I turned on my mp3 player last night to cry myself to sleep again. The first song that came on was the Descendents' Nothing with you, doing nothing with you was always my favorite thing. This was followed by the Smiths' Handsome Devil. I swear if Morrissey gets his hands on your mammary glands and he badmouths them, I'll show him what the Polish hammer is all about. Next was waking up drunk, which is where I wish I was. From there, I had to find an Eels song and what came up was Little Bird.

I thought of that day I drove to meet you at the coffee place and I nearly turned around because I figured there was no way you would show up but somehow you did. I still have your first texts to me on my old phone about how they bought your excuse to get out of helping with the track thing or something.

You were the only other human I've ever met that wanted to watch Degrassi, including that atrocious goes Hollywood movie and you had to explain that the fat guy with the booger green hair was the most famous blogger in the world but that wasn't Tony Pierce.

I'm sad things didn't work out but this year has been the worst ever, with me almost dying a couple times. I guess this is just the encore.

I love you,

Tommy Tumult

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