Sunday, January 02, 2011

I'm quite happy 2010 is over and it's with great relief that I can say that I've kept my new year's resolution of not dieing. Quite a lofty goal, indeed. But the year ended about the same as it began because of issues with my left side. I've been walking with a limp or something and my hand hasn't been operating much as a hand should. The fingers don't move quite as nimbly as I'd like(I've typed this so far entirely with my right hand. I watched an episode of House that suggested something like this is because of something happening in my right brain and Hanna suggested that a real doctor diagnose this for me and I not rely on a fictional television doctor. She then forced me into the hospital the next day because I'm extremely scared of hospitals and doctors.

They did their scans with contrast(avoid that shit if you can, it feels like pure heat flowing through your veins, all of them... It hurt my wiener.) With their pictures of my brain in hand, they were able to let me know that this isn't, in fact,lupus or a stroke, which odd feeling on one side of your body tends to suggest, but is because of the operation to kill the AVM. Apparently, the thing is dieing and therefore calcifying, causing irritation and swelling. Swelling=bad or something. So they've got me on steroids to reduce the swelling. My walking is getting better, but my hand still sucks because I have to do therapy with them. I don't like typing or cooking with stroke hand, so I've been neglecting it, like a moron.

So I very nearly ended my bad year the same way I very nearly started it, in a hospital bed. Fortunately, they discharged me the day before the new year. This year's new year's resolution is slightly more difficult than surviving another 365 day trip around the sun. This time, I'd like to find a new job. There's talk of moving to Madison, which would be awesome, and I'd look into taking culinary classes in my off time somewhere there, so I can work towards opening my Anarchy Burger Cafe. Before I can do that, I really need to get my A+ certification, which should be easily achievable by June, when my lease is up, and maybe I can have a Linux+ cert thrown in so I'm not fixing shit for Windows lusers all day. Plans also include getting a tv, one of the fancy Samsung ones that have apps to connect to netflix and hulu+, among other things, build a new computer(as soon as the AMD Bulldozer processor comes out, so I can play Diablo III when that hits). Once that new computer is built, I'd like to update my current rig to be able to start its new life as a home DVR machine and possibly an intranet cookbook wiki that I'll keep up to date with recipe ideas for the Anarchy Burger.

Other resolutions include making it to Fest this year and buying more records, so that I don't have a top fives list of bad records next December. Cobra Skulls have a new record on the way, as do Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and that Bouncing Souls/Hot Water Music split will probably be awesome, if I can get it.

I'm hoping this year goes better and slower than the last. That's not to say last year completely sucked. I got a new roommate, one who isn't a slob and doesn't talk about race cars all day and who is completely willing to try her hand at cooking once in a while.Also, I met Henry Rollins this year, and I'm taller than him. He could still easily beat my ass, but I'm taller than him.

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