Thursday, October 28, 2010

I was on my lunch break today when I realized that, at that moment, I should be navigating my way around an airport, on a layover, trying to find a decent place to eat near my gate, but I was instead navigating my way through The gales of November come early. I should have been well on my way to the place where it feels like summer in October, meeting new friends and eating alligator burritoes and Kangaroo Empanadas. I don't even know what the hell an empanada is or what kangaroo tastes like, but I'd really like to be finding out right now.

I realized at the end of the day, when I was working a cell phone belonging to a kid that I graduated with's mom because she couldn't get her emails, that I should at about that moment be stepping off the plane in Jacksonville, looking for the other punk rockers on their way to Fest and letting them know not to get too drunk tonight so that they can get to the hotel early enough to not have to wait in line for hours while the asshole who already got through the line and is at the pool with a bullhorn yelling at the poor sods who didn't come early. There's plenty of time to drink once you're through the line and they're not going to run out of $2 PBRs before you get there. They will, however, sell out of bikes, so if you don't want to walk around in uncomfortable shoes all weekend, take care of getting a bike from the bike punk collective.

I get the feeling that tomorrow's going to be bad because I'll be realizing that at about the time I'm ready to throw that fucking phone underneath forklift, I could be seeing some band and getting that feeling that I'm in exactly the right place after telling Fat Mike that I think he's kind of a dick but, damn, he's funny.

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