Monday, May 24, 2010

A thousand apologies on my absense. Remember that time I thought the insurance company said they covered my brain radiation? Yeah, turns out they accepted coverage on a reletively inexpensive part of that operation, probably the wage of the girl who fed me ice cream while I was in shock after they used the electric drill when they unscrewed the support from my head. I'll tell you now, as soon as I saw the Milwaukee logo on the drill, I knew I was in deep shit.

I also apologize that this shit doesn't have comments, but the ex-haloscan people, who gave me that shit for free now want $100 a year, which is extortion. Soon as I can figure out how to convert it to the shitty google/blogger comment system, that's what we'll use. Okay? But that won't happen until I have the time and patience to hack my webpage code to integrate that, read: probably not soon because it's near 100° in my apartment and my patience wears very thin in that kind of situation.

I think I've been fighting depression for a while now this year. It probably didn't help that I wasn't able to get outdoors during the winter. I didn't skate at all this year and missed the annual rowdy crowd game due to having an aneurism. The ensuing hospital bills haven't aided that depression very well and the fact that I may not make Fest this year is eating away at me. I don't know if I can handle doing my job, dealing with the daily incompetance(that part where I say "due to having an aneurism" above would instead use "do" if one of my associates typed this thing out). Turns out their size may be indicative of their education level and social status(what's my excuse? I'm not educated, nor am I all that wealthy. Maybe I am anorexic.), which kind of confuses me because I don't recall seeing a single overweight person when I was in Seattle. The thought of not going to Fest has me looking for a second job, doing part time work and strongly considering donating plasma. I'm already worrying about how I'm going to make Tomsgiving work on my budget because that absolutely has to happen.

While I'm thinking of the Fest and its punk rock bands, Rumspringer, my pick for #3 album of the year, has a new album hitting the streets soon, and the kids at the poppunkbored are already calling it the best album of the year. We're only halfway through, so I'll save my judgement, but the preview songs on their myspace are pretty good.

To earn some money to pay bills and make Fest, I've thought about selling some of my records off. I've got some that I know can go for over $100 on ebay and one that recently supposedly went for $250. The problem is, that Lillingtons album is really, really good and the red vinyl looks really fucking cool, so I'm having problems bringing myself to do it. You know, it just occurred to me that if I spent as much time learning about stocks as I do learning about awesome punk rock bands, I probably wouldn't be in the financial situation I'm in. I'd probably also be a stuffy douche like Rob Lowe in Wayne's World.

My current budget situation also has me back on my college eating habits, which basically entails cooking one good meal a week, with small shitty meals the rest of the week. The Rice and Bread diet. It also puts me back on cheap beer when I can swing for beer. We're talking less than PBR. Hamms and Grain Belt. American classics, the stuff Grandpa probably drank, at least it's what I imagine Grandpa Butch drank.

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