Thursday, April 01, 2010

The insurance company called me at lunch today, telling me that my operation is approved. What exactly that translates to, I'm not sure, but I'm hoping that means I have to owe decidedly less than I did yesterday. I'm also hoping this isn't some kind of sick April Fools joke because that's just not cool. In anticipation of not owing the hospital my firstborn child, I went out for a cigar, the first in a long, long time. The cigar store here just doesn't quite have the selection or the helpful staff that the store in Appleton has. The last cigar I remember having was the one before I tried moving to Seattle, which was the best cigar ever, the one I smoked the night I went to the bar and ordered the bucket of PBR and the lady sitting next to me gave me the "bitch, please" look and then I smiled at her and said this beer has seconds to live and polished it off in under thirty seconds. Her reply was "You're gonna make it, huh?" Damn right, lady. But I'm past my prime these days, there's no more buckets of PBR filled with six bottles in my future, which is probably for the better, because I don't eat enough to make that a feasible goal these days. The people at work tell me I'm losing weight, but I don't believe them because there's not much there to lose and the scale that weights 30 ton rolls of paper still says I'm the same weight. Perhaps it's not calibrated correctly, but I think they test that shit on a daily basis so they're not sending out too much paper to whoever orders giant ass rolls of paper.

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