Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm enjoying my celebratory tall glass of straight whiskey after getting home from my long walk that celebrates the fact that I'm no longer on call. I've decided that I need to take more walks because, while I've been sitting around, nursing illness for damn near three months, my size 30 pants are not fitting quite as well as they did before this whole mess. I'm sure this bag of dark chocolate chex mix that I've already almost finished in one sitting isn't helping the situation any, either, but it's so delicious.

It was on my walk tonight that I realized, while listening to a song off of one of my favorite releases of the past five years, I didn't make a top five list for last year. Is that why this year seems to keep going bad? I don't know. But my new year's resolution for 2010 is to not die and to fuck turning 30. Seriously, fuck turning 30 and fuck dying.

So, my top album of the year 2009 is/was Franz Nicolay's Major General. Listen to his daytrotter session and tell me that the lyrics to Jeff Penalty aren't genius, I dare you. I still makes me smile to hear the lyric it was the greatest karaoke show that I had ever seen when singing about the guy who took Jello Biafra's place in Dead Kennedys. Fucking genius.

#2 is The Used Kids - Yeah No, which you can download for free at ifyoumakeit.com. I love Nato for being the most down to earth motherfucker ever and I love the Modern Machines. If you know what I'm talking about at all in the previous sentence, listen to that album.

#3 is Rumspringer's self titled 10" record. Once in a while, I'll go out on a limb and blindly order a record from a band I've never heard before and I'll be rewarded greatly. This was one of those records. I spent most of Fest wishing these guys were playing. Go listen to them, and you're welcome. I don't normally include vinyl-only releases in my lists, but this one is so fucking great that you should go to Goodwill and get a shitty turntable to enjoy this, it's that good.

#4 is, and I don't want you to think that because it's number 4, it's a slouch, because that's not the case, sure their live show at Fest was lacking, but Shang-a-Lang's Sad Magic was pure awesome and it delivered, as did all their previous 7"s. If you hate this band, you probably really hate pop-punk.

#5 has to be Cloak/Dagger's Lost Art. Solid record. They were one of the bands I was most excited about at Fest, even though I sat on my ass through part of it because my feet were killing me and I spent another few songs watching the television, because it was showing a movie about nazi zombies because HOLY SHIT!! NAZI ZOMBIES! Why didn't I know about this movie? Their live show was pretty god damn flawless for dudes who looked like they may have been the oldest dudes at Fest.

Honourable mentions:

I like spelling Honourable that way, it makes it seem more honourable than the American way. But a couple records that just didn't make it for one reason or another are None More Black's This is Satire, which finally came out on vinyl, three years later. It wasn't worth the wait, unfortunately, as the promised deluxe packaging with the chutes and ladders game didn't come to fruition, the album itself is still totally awesome. The vinyl is probably out of print since three days after the pre-order was posted, so get the cd.

Tenement/The Used Kids - split 7" Yes, The Used Kids were listed above, but the Tenement side of this 7" is REALLY fucking good and I'm not just saying that because I've gone to quite a few shows at their house in Appleton.

Cheap Girls - Find me a Drink Home This came out in 200, but I bought it in 2009, so it counts to me. You can download the whole album at quote/unquote records, along with a lot of other records. Cheap Girls play the indie type music. At Fest, all the punk kids that are into the indie went to their sets. I had to duck out of their acoustic set early to make Nato Coles of the Used Kids' acoustic set, but, rest assured, the Cheap Girls' acoustic set was fucking packed. This record is being re-released on Vinny from Less Than Jake's label paper+plastik. Vinny's got good taste in music.

Too Many Daves - 2008 - A Shit Faced Odyssey A band with Davey from Tiltwheel. They play pop-punk. I'm still very upset that shirts off! Dudes On! wasn't the mantra of Fest and that I only heard it screamed once during the entire hot ass weekend.

Austin Lucas/Frank Turner Under the Influence. Buy this 7" if only for the Frank Turner version of Thunder Road and you'll realize that The Boss is one of the greatest songwriters ever. My favorite nights of 2009 were spent sitting in my window overlooking the square, smoking a Lucky Strike and singing along.

Drag the River - Under the Influence From the same series as the previous entry, DtR has been one of my favorite discoveries of the past few years, it's good stuff to get drunk to, particularly if your bar of choice has an internet jukebox where you can play the last track of their cds, which is just a track that contains the entire cd as one track. If you're looking to piss someone off, play that. Also, buy this album for their version of Having A Party. Get drunk, sing along. Rinse, repeat.

In closing, I haven't purchased any new records yet this year, a mountain of hospital bills makes me think it's a bad idea to spend money right now. I hope that'll change soon, but I have to find a record that'll make me want to throw money at it to own it and I haven't found that yet and we're in the beginning of the third month already.

Also, I'm sorry that comments probably don't work right now. My comment provider, Haloscan, decided to start charging and their for-pay service isn't worth $10 a year to me now that they've changed things around a bunch to make the comment pop-up look like shit, so tell me how much you hate me on myspace now, okay.

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