Monday, January 11, 2010

Dr. Sirajul told me that he'd call me within a couple weeks to set up the operation to remove this shit in my head. I haven't heard from the good doctor but their accounting dept. is certainly interested in me.

The operation they say they'll perform on me has me very, VERY worried. Apparently, it's an all day event wherein they strap the helmet on me and let it go to town. They say it doesn't fix me right away, it takes three years to work its magic, with each year adding another 5% chance that my brain will bleed again and probably not kill me. What worries me most is the uncertainty about what this machine does and how they make it target the shit in my head. When it's done will it change me? Am I not going to think my girlfriend is the most gorgeous girl ever? Will I hate punk rock? Will I forget trivial information like the name of the thing Professor Xavier in X-men uses to scan the world for mutants? Will I not crave the Philly Way? Will I forget everything I know about computers(Please, PLEASE, let it do that so I can justify leaving my job and going to culinary school)?

I don't like the option given to me but it's better than having thunderous headaches for the rest of my life because they can't operate on me because this shit is too deep in there to surgically remove it. I'm really hoping Sirajul calls this week to schedule this thing so I can get back to my normal day-to-day operations rather than sit around doing nothing, especially now that I'm almost out of vicadin that helps me manage these headaches.

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