Monday, November 02, 2009

Yesterday was kind of spoiled by my bank card expiring, meaning I couldn't check into my Sunday night hotel, also meaning I'd have to carry my bags around all day until I found a place to stow them. My new Fest friends I made as soon as I got here I've only seen now and then eating between-show snacks or beers, so asking to crash in their rooms would be difficult. Further complicating things would be how we'd hook up at the end of the night. With like five shows going on at different venues, ending at possibly different times, even if I managed to score a night sleeping in a tub, it'd be hard to make shit work.

Carrying around my bags meant I had to make changes as to what venues I could hit. None of the ones that do a vigorous pat down, nor ones that don't allow for bags. Unfortunately, that meant not getting to see Anchor Arms, who I was really looking forward to seeing. I did find some highlights in what I did hit up, though.

There's a band called The Pizza Brothers. They sing about pizza and their love for eating it. If they ever play your town, it may behoove you to see them, as they had ten pizzas delivered, which were distributed to twenty or so people in attendance. Totally awesome! Nato Coles of The Used Kids/Modern Machines played a drunken set of nothing but Tom Petty covers, as Mr. Petty came from Gainesville. It was a fun set, but dude was very drunk. Probably the highlight of the entire Fest for me came when I couldn't get in to The Kickstand because the last bands were Bomb the Music Industry followed by Defiance, Ohio. The line was to the street, they weren't letting people in unless people left and no one's leaving with that lineup showing. My other options didn't interest me at all, so I went back to where we started it all this year, Boca Fiesta. While it was something of an unofficial venue, they still had bands playing. I'm pretty sure I found my new favorite band in the world last night. They call themselves The God Damn Doo Wop Band and they are what they say, a doo wop band. Just hearing this show put a bigger smile on my face than I wore all weekend. It was pure awesome. They were followed by a group of Japanese kids, The Worthwhile Way who were overjoyed to simply be playing for an American audience. They knew very little english apart from "thank you" and "We are coming to the USA!!" Unfortunately, Florida closes their bars at 11pm on Sundays(What the fuck, Florida?), so they only played three songs and were told to quit. Their faces all got sad and they started packing up when Warren gave the one more song signal, which the Japanese didn't see but the crowd did. In a gesture that almost brings a tear to my eye, everyone in the crowd started chanting "One more song!" You would have had to have seen their faces. The one girl who could speak more english than the rest simply said "Dude?!" and they played their rockingest song yet and the audience took to it. I think the name of that song might have been I Will Write the Next Fuck, at least that's what it sounded like when the singer introduced it. I don't know, but I do know that fifteen minute set made their entire fucking trip and I'm glad I got to witness it.

Afterwards, I slept very uncomfortably on a bus station bench.

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