Friday, November 06, 2009

Now that Dan from Australia is back home and back to teaching after losing Thursday to plane rides and international datelines, my buddies are presumably back in Riverside, CA or where ever they're from, I'm back to the SSDD life of a helpdesk bitch, and Fest 8 is a week old, it's time for the

Final Fest roundup:

  1. Cheeky's set

  2. Junior Battles. I think they were the fist band I saw this year and they ruled.

  3. The Max Levine Ensemble

  4. Kate from Cheeky/Used Kids recognizing me when I walked in to The Kickstand to see The Used Kids. I talked to her for like five seconds when Used Kids played Appleton to ask her if she had any copies of Cheeky's Choke on a Cheeseburger. She did not. I was too shy/not drunk enough to talk to her this time. You should probably listen to Get Outta Here.

  5. Sleeping on a bus stop bench(you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore)

  6. Vicious Fishes

  7. Street Eaters

  1. Shang-a-lang Their set was horrible and that's unfortunate because their new record rules

  2. Long lines everywhere

  3. I only heard one person besides myself say Shirts off, dudes on. I was sure that would be the mantra of Fest this year.

  4. I didn't make it to kickball this year. My team lost anyways

  5. I didn't make it to the bike rentals in time, so I had to walk everywhere.

  6. I didn't get comfortable walking shoes. On this one, I blame the shoe companies who can't make shoes that don't look like clown shoes.

  7. I didn't buy that hoody Cloak/Dagger had for sale. I need a new hoody for winter. You just don't think about that when it's almost 90° out, though.

  8. Was Rhythm Chicken at Fest? I think his head was.

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