Monday, November 30, 2009

Tomsgiving III

It's safe to say that this was the best weekend ever and certainly the best Tomsgiving to date. Sunday was spent thinking "God damn, I wish it were still Tomsgiving" and that's not just because I could use the extra help getting rid of leftovers, though my fridge still heaves from weight of mashed potatoes, pies, beef tenderloin which was topped with Bobby Flay's cranberry stuffing which was utterly amazing , beers, cranberries, stuffing and every other thing we threw together to feast on. I think it might be a good thing thing that we decided against the chocolate bacon cake that we heard Garrison Keillor sing about.

Doing Thanksgiving with Hanna's family went so much better than I had imagined it would. I figured it'd be similar to what my family's Thanksgivings were like, which are so annoyingly bad that they drove me to start the whole Tomsgiving tradition in an effort to avoid my step-mom's cooking and her need to invite everyone in the village she lives in to their house and have people come talk to me about their computer issues.

The weekend was so good that, at our weekly morning meeting at work, I couldn't concentrate on all the bullshit that was going around, about the pager calls we got this weekend(thank god I wasn't carrying the pager, last weekend was a bad one). All I could think about was not being at a job where my job description is basically "computer magician" and if it's a good idea to quit my job to go to culinary school to be a pastry chef and how I don't want to be on call next week on my birthday.

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