Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'd have posted this at home last night except that my CPU fan's bearing went out while I was at Fest and no one around these parts carries such things, especially ones for an ancient Socket A CPU.

Now that I'm back, just about re-acclimated to the same day-to-day humdrum lifestyle, as opposed to being in a place that's warm surrounded by a sea of punk rock kids giving me a feeling of not having to be on my guard, it's only taken me a day of being back at my job to loathe being back at my job again. I was perfectly okay yesterday, but the e-mail my boss forwarded to me from a user who is pissed off that I didn't fix his issue while I was not even in the same fucking state as he was really got things off to a great start this morning. I could only sit in my phone meeting for a half hour before I got tired of the whining from the process improvement team members bitching about how improving what we are trying to improve is just too much work. I have a feeling there'll be a meeting about my performance, since that usually happens when I get a forwarded message from my supervisor from a user who can't figure out how to add a networked printer, despite the fact that we have VERY detailed documentation about just that procedure. This time around, I'll be telling her how much I hate this job and the users I deal with and that if she fired me today, I'd probably thank her because cutting me loose from this god damn place so I go out and pursue becoming a pastry chef would be the best, nicest thing she could possibly do for me.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this year's Fest experience. I mean, it was a good time and all, but the crowd was different and there were so many more lines. And there was way too many god damned crusties and dumbasses who tried really hard to ruin this whole thing. I personally had a crusty with what I think were tattooed on eyebrows that almost formed a V on his forehead ask me for "a nickel to get drunk." and when I gave him a dollar in quarters, he happily took it and then bitched about me giving him "just a dollar." I'm not sure how he's going to get drunk off a god damned nickel and why having twenty times that is such a fucking hassle. I mean, it's not like he's not going to want to get drunk later or maybe even, from the same place he's going to get drunk for a nickel, he's going to want to feast on whatever the remaining 95 cents will get him. There's that experience and the one where I waited in line for the vegan brunch and every crusty there was staring at me because my shorts weren't held together by well placed safety pins and because I didn't smell like month old arm pit and famunda cheese and then getting out of line because, once again, "starts at 11" loosely translates to "starts sometime after noon" in crust punk, that all has me thinking that maybe I'm too old for this shit. I really couldn't care less if I'm not cool because I'm not wearing a black t-shirt in 90° heat, it makes sense not to, and getting hassled because of it kind of annoys me.

So I don't know if I'm going to Fest next year. Even though hanging out with Dan from Australia and Richie from just outside L.A. was pretty awesome and those dudes will get high fives and beers if I ever see them again, this year's experience just didn't live up to the bar set last year and that makes me sad.

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