Friday, October 30, 2009

Turns out I'm an amateur. I've got a hangover and I've got three nights left of this action. I just might die. But that kind of thing will happen when the guy from Australia and the guys from L.A. keep feeding you beers so that you've always got one in each hand and sometimes one sitting on the ground. Not eating all day doesn't help the issue, either. I'm hoping the cure for this is going to be the hair of the dog that bit me.

We get to the venue, the guys I rode on the bus with and I, I'm ordering the first round of PBR. We're there less than five seconds and Warren from Against Me! is right next to me, presumably making sure they had plenty of PeeBeRs. I'm taller than Warren from Against Me!, something I didn't think was humanly possible. We watched the first band and I turned to a guy in the back who looked like a lame version of Morrissey, he even had an English accent to go with those glasses that were too big for his face and was visibly pained when I asked him what I asked him, and asked him "Do you know the name of the band that just played?" I believe he thought it was Fiya. I don't know where they're from, probably Gainesville because they had the gravely voice thing down, as well as the beards, but they were pretty fucking awesome. The rest of the bands I don't remember all that well. I'm hoping that doesn't keep happening.

The dude from L.A. and I talked on the bus here and it turns out dude was looking to eat alligator as much as I was. We made this happen. Alligator burritos. It's a little dry but, damn, is it tasty. And, fortunately, I didn't get drunk enough where I got to taste it on the way back up because that would have been a god damn shame.

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