Monday, October 19, 2009

There is currently a voice in my phone's mailbox from my friend asking me to tend goal weekly in his hockey league. He goes on to tell me that they've got equipment for me, it'll be free for me to play and he'll also pay for my fuel to drive an hour away every Sunday night. This league is apparently low skill level individuals who don't get the puck off the ice, which is to say, they're as good as I am.

I find it interesting that my life has now become an episode of Canada's Rent-A-Goalie sit-com. I'm actually mulling this offer around in my head. It might be good for me to participate in actual competive sport for the first in years and it might work wonders on abilities in the annual Rowdy Crowd game, but do I really want to drive for over an hour every Sunday night to make it to Oshkosh to mind net for three periods, only to drive back home for another hour after it's over? My skating ability is essentially non-existent, and that's putting it nicely. My main concern is that I can't skate backwards, which is a handy skill to have as a goalie. I have no problem whatsoever stopping pucks sent my way from dudes who can't lift a puck at all. Hell, with actual equipment, including a mask that'll work with, not against, my glasses, I'll probably even tolerate the occasional slapshot, and I won't shout "Not in the face! Not in the face!" every time the puck is brought into my defensive zone.

If I'm to do this, my only stipulation is that I'm allowed to rock either my customized "Tumult" Winnipeg Jets jersey or the Bruins winter classic jersey, if I can justify purchasing that particular item.

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