Thursday, October 15, 2009

My home life has gotten somewhat boring as of late. Don't get me wrong, weekends are still awesome when I get to hang with Hanna, but weekdays are bland. When I get home from work, I stay there thinking about how much I hate my job and how much I'd rather be doing anything that doesn't involve computers at all. The thing is, I don't hate the working with computers part, the shitty part is working with people who think that because their cell phone receives email or because some new technology comes out, I should know everything there is to know about it because I'm a computer geek. When I tell these people about how I don't go home and masturbate to specsheets from the newest processors or how I really don't do anything with my computer, they're absolutely stunned. "But you're a geek, shouldn't you be playing World of Warcraft, eating microwave burritos, pooping in socks and thinking about Megan Fox?" No, I've never played WoW, my current system probably can't handle it, at least I don't even want to try running it through Wine, they've reformulated the recipe of Tina's Burritos so that they taste like someone whose diet consists heavily of stale beans shat in a tortilla, I don't think people actually poop in socks, even your most hardcore WoW addict, and that no-talent Megan Fox kinda pisses me off.

My second order of business(the first being getting my skates sharpened) upon returning from Fest is going to be to update my resume and send that out to every single place that I know isn't making severe cuts to their IT department between here and Green Bay. I have no intention whatsoever of informing my contracting agency of this, as, for the past year+, they make more money per hour off my labor than I do and they haven't once had to deal with helping someone at their house connect to their own wireless network(if you're too god damn stupid or manly to read the fucking manual, then I'm too busy to help you) over the phone, which I've had to do on a weekly basis. They also tell me that they're having problems finding space in their budget to even think about giving me a raise. I do, however, especially enjoy it when they take me out to lunch at the cheap fast food italian place on the other end of town seeing them drive up in new Jaguars or Hummers and then they tell me how they get paid vacation to go to(and I'm not making this up) Gencon. That warms my blackened heart every time.

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