Monday, October 26, 2009

In my mind, I'm already in Florida. So much so that I probably shouldn't be at work this week because I'm not being all that productive. I think I did more shit today, though, than I accomplished all last week.

I'm just too excited, too focused on what's going to happen and if this is going to top last year. Seeing Less Than Jake perform Gainesville Rock City IN Gainesville was just plain awesome. And after that, I saw Bouncing Souls play a set consisting of their first full length and 7"s directly after them, getting a flyer from who I believe to be Avi of Springman Records for a secret show across the street. This secret show wound up being Paint It Black playing in the back of a Uhaul, their generator blew up almost immediately and the show was broken up rather quickly by cops on horses. It was awesome. After escaping cops on horses, I went back to the hotel to try to score free alcohol from and make new friends at the hotel when I rode the elevator with one of the Bouncing Souls. I walked to MY hotel, got my room upgraded to a suite because I checked in at 2 in the morning and they had no normal rooms, I slept comfortably, woke up, ate pizza and drank PBR at 9 in morning after getting questioned about ordering beer at the pizza place at 9 in the morning, showing my ID and hearing "Oh, you're from Wisconsin. Okay." I then played kickball across the street with various bands and out of shape punk rockers who chain smoked all the while. The rest is just a blur.

Can that be topped? Who's going to have the awesomest costume? Am I going to see anything as fucked up as the dudes dressed up as KISS who turned out to be English? You have a certain expectation when you see someone dressed as a convincing Peter Criss and that expectation doesn't include that accent. What band is going to be the best? Can Nothington top themselves? Will I find English folks to drink Strongbow with again? Can I get my picture taken with Against Me!'s Warren at his new restaurant? Will he give the thumbs down? Can I stomach a jackalope softshell taco at his establishment?(I'll damn sure try) Will they change the "Weird meat of the month" on Sunday so I can eat two exotic animals? Will I get to eat alligator? Will I get drunk with Patty, will he think I'm Nelson Algren? Will I be sober enough to shout Celebrate the ugly things if he does? Will I be cognizant enough to get video of Patty puking on the bar, which is what is rumored to have happened last year? Will I meet Todd Taylor of Razorcake and will I be able to high five him for that great article he did on Otis Redding a few months back? Will they have Lucky Strikes in Florida and, if they do, should I pick up a pack after being smoke free for more than a month now?

Shit, this is gonna be fun.

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