Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm fairly certain the reason I burned out very quickly last night was because I was dehydrated. The two hour line for registration where we stood in line on blacktop did not help the issue very much. Five minutes into that line, I was really regretting not finding proper shoes. My aching feet were another contributing factor to me almost not making it to 7 Seconds' set. I'm a trooper, though, and I had to see Walk Together, Rock Together. I can safely say that, at 48 years old, Kevin Seconds still throws down with the fury and fervor of someone half his age.

I was told by numerous people that I won Fest with my Frank Grimes/Descendents shirt, which is pretty awesome. The coolest shirt for sale so far has been Polar Bear Club's one with Shredder on skateboard playing a flying V guitar. I was on the fence about where to buy it(seriously?) but the the Menzingers played a cover of The Clash's Straight to Hell, which is Joe Strummer's way of telling me that something is a good idea.

Nothington managed to slay again this year, but whether or not that's THEE set of Fest remains to be seen. Cheeky's set was just as awesome this year, fueled by more people knowing the words and going apeshit since Cheeky is not long for this world. Coffee Project blew me away.

I fully expect the heat today to be just as oppressive as yesterday, but when I look at my forecast for back home, it tells me that it's 36° right now and that it's snowing, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to handle whatever weather comes my way here in Florida.

Today's the big one, though. Today, there's a shit ton of bands I want to see, my feet are killing me, my thighs are shot from walking to the 6th floor of the hotel, and I didn't sleep very well. No matter, I'm gonna do this right. Today, hydration is the key.

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