Thursday, September 03, 2009


I saw a show Sunday night at a place I've never been to before named The Patti Mayonnaise. How this house relates to the Doug cartoon show, I don't understand. I don't know if you get the feeling I get when I do these things, because a majority of my friends don't like to going to shows in basements or strange houses, but when I'm at a show at a new place, I get nervous because you don't know what's going to happen. Is it going to smell like crusty punk armpit or Schlitz puke? How's the sound going to be? Am I going to get punched in the face while trying to escape the three person pit? All very real, legitimate fears.

I got there early enough where, after reading the note on the door that they were playing kickball a block away, I was able to join in the game and find out exactly how out of shape I am, and it's pretty pathetic. But it's the experience I need before playing kickball at Fest again this year so I can be as awesome as the dude from Mustard Plug.

The show itself went down in a garage, one with a Power Rangers cutout, odd posters and comic books tacked to the walls and a library of books and videos one could check out. Interesting place. Not smelly at all, which was a major plus, at least in my mind.

I can't describe the first band whose name might be Artoo or something similar because I didn't know what the hell was going on for most of it. Equipment problems seemed to plague them, but they could have been avoided at first by simply not jumping around causing the mic stand to fall over or dropping their guitars when they decided they needed three drummers at the end of the first song but what would be the fun in that? When the lead singer decided to jump around into the crowd during their second song, I'm pretty sure he fucked up my ankle which has been plaguing me all week since then.

The dude in the video up top, Neil Sutherland, wasn't the dude I went to see, but he's on tour with the dude I did come to see. I looked up this gentleman's myspace when I heard about this show and I was pretty excited to witness him firsthand, too. Guy played an excellent set and seemed like an all around great dude. I'd drink cider with him.

The guy I wanted to see, who tours asimadethismistake, played a shorter set but when he sings, he goes all out. When I saw him play a hotel room at Fest last year, his voice was near gone. He says he's trying to avoid that happening again, as this particular show was something like day 15 of a 45 day tour. That's dedication. This guy was completely down to earth and gave a shit about everyone at the show. When some dude hurt his knee playing kickball, this guy was the one offering somewhat informed medical attention, better than the joking "walk it off" offered up by everyone else. He spoke with just about everyone after his set, when the show was over, talking about his favorite metal bands, his preference for the use of upside down crosses on t-shirts, and his experience with a crackhead who stole his glasses last time he played Appleton, ever since causing him to wear a glasses strap to make sure no more crackheads demanding weed steal them right off his face. It's stories like that that make me happy that I'm still dumb enough travel to never before seen houses to see shows while drinking Blatz.

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