Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh my shit! I keep finding reasons to get more and more stoked for Fest and it's not like I need to find them. This is my holiday weekend away from the people I work with.

Last year, it was my goal while in Gainesville to eat alligator. It didn't happen because I no means of transportation apart from walking and I didn't feel like paying a cab fare and trying to communicate to a cabby that he needs to take me somewhere that I can eat alligator. I figure he'd take me out to the everglades and leave me to fend for my own. I still want to eat alligator this year, but it just might be easier than I imagined.

Boca Fiesta(they should have named it Tacosaurus Mex), that restaurant part owned and operated by Warren who used to drum in Against Me!, has a "Weird Meat of the Month" option and I'm hoping gator winds up being October or November. As I'm typing this, the current special is a Rattlesnake and Rabbit taco. I would eat the shit out of a rattlesnake taco. Last month was Coconut Curry Kangaroo. Kangaroo? Are you shitting me? I might feel bad eating a friendly kangaroo, but I'd damn sure still eat it. I'm hoping for gator burrito or maybe even they can steal my idea for a burrito pizza, possibly the best food ever conceived, and make a gator burrito pizza.

This might become my eatery for all things Fest this year. I'll probably wind up skipping that vegan Jamaican place that I skipped last year, even though Cobra Skulls were eating there when I walked past, if this is anywhere near the venues. Good thing, too, because I know what vegan food does to me and it ain't pretty. Combine that with Jamaican seasoning and there may well be blue flames coming out of my ass and I REALLY don't want to poop at any Fest venues.

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