Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's not right. On the morning I want to stay in bed and be happy and sleep in because I had the best day yet with Hanna, I roll out of bed at 7:40 and that's after laying there for probably an hour thinking "yeah, that was an awesome day" and "why, after a day like that, did I dream about being hunted down by warlocks who brutally killed my older brother(which I don't actually have)? Well, at least I could fly." Why can't I be as tired now as was while I was driving yesterday when we got kinda lost after seeing the Little Pink Elephant and deciding let's not turn around and instead try to be highwayman and woman?

I don't think I was prepared enough for the 500 Days of Summer movie. Had I been prepared more, I probably wouldn't have said hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend right before going into the yuppiest mall in America which has the yuppiest theater in America(Seriously, one woman behind us in line waiting for tickets congratulated the other women behind us for marrying a doctor, I wanted to punch them both in the throat. And then, after getting tickets, we had to use a touch screen computer to pick where we were going to sit.[Yes, Ryan and mev, I did tell her that your theater was the best one this side of Lake Michigan. She wants to see Rocky Horror there. I promise we won't sneak in alcohol and puke on your floors.]) and then watching a movie whose main character doesn't want anything serious. I instead would have done it at lunch as originally planned right before eating what was the tastiest Cuban sandwich ever but then I probably still would have thought "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" at the movie whose main character doesn't want anything serious.

I really need to get over how nervous I get around her. I always bite the top of my lips too much when I'm that nervous and it turns out lips are a good thing to have when you're around a girl who makes your heart pound and who likes you hopefully just as much.

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