Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When pressed about when they're going to get around to hiring me on as an actual employee or if I should seriously consider doing this shit somewhere else, my boss mentioned they've still got a "hiring frost", which used to be a "hiring freeze", which is to say they're hiring people, just not in my department. I think when things get downgraded to a hiring tropical depression, then they can bring me on, but I'm not sure.

She did mention that they're considering getting me away from my contracting agency and paying me what they pay them. I'm pretty sure they don't know that I know what they pay the contracting agency because I'm probably not supposed to know that my agency received a lot of money for my services last year. I'm pretty sure getting told they were considering such a thing was them blowing smoke up my ass because I have my doubts as to whether or not resetting passwords, doling out our wireless encryption key and showing users how to flip the switch to turn on their wireless is worth that kind of money, except my contracting agency got that money last year, so why not me?

It needs to happen sooner rather than later, if it does at all. They're announcing news tomorrow that I'm pretty sure means I need to be in Boston in early January to see a hockey game at Fenway Park. If one of the teams in that match was the Montreal Canadiens, I'm positive I need to be there.

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