Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Now that I've been in my new place officially for a week, I've begun the great unpacking. Yeah, these things are difficult when you're really lazy, but I want the boxes and bags out of the middle of my living room. I want it so that when I get home, it doesn't look like a cluttered mess because that stresses me out. I think that's something residual left over from me being a neat freak. Unfortunately, the neat freak in me was beaten out of me from years of living with people who didn't share my views on cleanliness. It might try to make a comeback, at least I hope it does, because the new place is in dire need of an intense scrubbing or so says the eight years worth of dust bunnies on top of the cupboards in the kitchen. So far, neither Pledge nor Pine Sol have managed to do anything to phase that mess, so I'm looking into a different solution, one that possibly involves fire and doesn't require me to use a ladder(see I hate ladders).

Part of the reason I need to get shit in order is because they're my big person bed on the 15th and they're getting rid of the bed from my youth while they're at it. I'd personally like to throw the match on it, but I think I'll be too busy jumping on the new bed to even give a shit about the old one once it's gone. Yeah, living alone does pretty much rule because you can do stupid shit like jump on your bed while listening to Aquabats albums and no one cares. Well, maybe the tattoo shop downstairs might care a little, or maybe they'll just turn up the Iron Maiden a little bit.

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