Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's only 10:00 on Wednesday. This week is dragging its ass to get done with. I'm ready to put my head through that 50 pound Radiation King CRT monitor I hauled out for the woman with bifocals but I can't do that until I get called back by the guy with the "very big issue" that's not very big enough to return my call after an hour.

No! I can't throw myself into one of the paper machines! Tickets finally went on sale for Fest and I got my hotel room at the Fest hotel, meaning I can drink doublewhiskeycokenoice's with Patty himself at the pool and we'll both celebrate the ugly things, so I'm golden. Shit's on now! Nevermind that I've probably already spent as much as I did last year and I don't have plane tickets or my ride from Jacksonville to Gainesville figured out and I still have to find out where I can go to eat alligator because I hear they do that down in Florida and I need to add that to my list of mean predators I've eaten. Maybe I could even find someplace that serves pygator, the Florida equivalent of turducken.

And an even better reason to stay away from that freight elevator that wants me dead, it's Degrassi weekend where Hanna is bringing season 1 of the original Degrassi, the one with the girl named Spike, and we're going to watch it. I'm stoked as hell for this! I've never actually seen the original class, and there's a cute girl who wants to come to my place to watch it with me? Are you kidding? And then we're seeing Social D next Friday? No, impaling myself on one of the forks on a lift truck that drives way too fast is not an option right now. I just have to make it through it all to get to the really great stuff that's ahead.

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