Thursday, June 18, 2009

You ever watch something that's so funny but yet so poignant that it almost makes you cry? There's this video I watch nearly every day that I use to remind me that, no matter where I work, I'll be with complete morons, so I might as well ride it out here while working on bettering myself for the next job. It's called "the website is down":

While not quite my job, I don't have administrative rights to bring down a web server, and I don't play Halo, presumably through an ssh tunnel on his home pc or something, but it comes pretty close. The part that makes me want to cry is the last three minutes, starting at "Oh my god! You're moving my mouse!" The desktop kills me, not because of how hilarious it is, but because I've seen that shit. Arrange their icons and "Whoa! I can't find anything" How they find anything when there's TWO monitors full of icons is beyond me. I do wish, though, that I could sort by penis. It only gets better when the lady who I've given five different laptops to because she can't figure out wireless complains about how her brand fucking new quad core laptop isn't fast enough. Turns out that no, it won't be fast if you have more than 40(and I'm not shitting here, I counted) windows open.

Also, don't ever, EVER trust a sales guy to know what he's talking about.

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