Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm procrastinating because I don't particularly want to start moving stuff, so I give you the list of upcoming shows that you probably shouldn't miss and things are lining up to be pretty much awesome. It's what I'm calling

The Summer of Tumult

June 22nd, Madison, WI - X
June 28th, Appleton, WI - Ghost Mice w/Heathers
July 22nd, Appleton, WI - Andrew Jackson Jihad
July 31st, Green Bay, WI - Social motherfucking D
August 13th, Appleton, WI - The Used Kids
August 25th Madison, WI - Austin Lucas, John Snodgrass, Two Cow Garage
August 29th or the 30th, Appleton, WI - Kyle William, probably imadethismistake, Neil Sutherland and Friends
September 27th, The Weakerthans
October 4th, Milwaukee, WI - The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Murder By Death, The Loved Ones
October 30, 31, November 1st FEST 8!!!1!!1

Do you like music? Do you like fun? Then you should probably come to Fest with me. Seriously. I had the time of my life last year and I expect no less this year. And you know what? I won't be let down, either. Can't afford it? Donate plasma. I hear they give you as much as $200 a month. You've got half of this month remaining, so that's only $100 this month, but then you've really got 4 months, that's another $800. $900 is way more than enough for a punk rock weekend. Hell, you could do it for significantly cheap if you're willing to crash on floors in a punk house. But then you'll probably have to stomach really bad vegan food made by crusties. You could stay in my hotel room if you think you can sleep in the Holiday Inn, aka Fest party central. Tickets are on sale July 1. You NEED to come with me. You know it, it'll be fun!

Is anyone that doesn't suck playing Summerfest? I want to see Eric Burdon and The Animals since I missed them last year. Ryan, make this happen.

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