Monday, June 29, 2009

Guy at work: Hey Tom, thanks for coming to help me get my printer working. What did you do this weekend?

Tom: Well, I got some work done on my tattoo?

Guy at work: Oh yeah, what's it of? A computer?

And that's one of my pet peeves about this job. The people here think my entire life is computers. I'd like to find out just how big of a nerd they think I am. Actually, maybe not because I'm pretty sure I don't want to know that they think I'm some basement dwelling, shit-socking WOW geek. There's nothing I can say to convince these people that my life doesn't revolve around computers and that, in reality, I hate computers more than they can possibly ever imagine. I love the look in their eyes when I tell them that I'm strongly considering leaving this job to go back to school to be a pastry chef along with business management classes so I can open my coffee house/show space called Anarchy Burger because I can't endure the depths of human stupidity much longer without slipping into their own desolate world of complete illiteracy.

said Tommy T. at 9:37 AM - #

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