Saturday, May 30, 2009

While my brother is off with my car watching our friend get married, I've got a day without a vehicle where I should be getting stuff done. I should be cleaning and packing for this move to a new apartment, but just looking at all the shit I've got is overwhelming. I should be making a pile of stuff to give to Goodwill because there's too many things sitting around gathering dust that I don't really need to keep carrying along. We're talking things that are still in boxes from when I moved last year.

Unfortunately, when my brother comes to town, we drink entirely too much coffee every morning. That seems to work out for him, I'm told his entire diet consists of coffee and cigarettes, but when it comes to me, too much coffee makes me nervous. Very nervous.

It didn't help me out when we were eating breakfast at the breakfast place and the lady from work who is the worst user ever was there. I saw her and started to freak out, fully expecting her to bust out her laptop and then try using it and come over to me to ask if I could fix her wireless because that's what she likes to do when I'm eating in my office at work. Fortunately, I made it out of that situation unscathed. I think the extra coffee helped me out. The fact that I might have been shaking a little bit might have scared her off and made her decide to keep her problem to herself until lunchtime on Monday. Unfortunately for her, starting Monday, I'm eating lunch outside while reading a book and listening to my headphones.

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