Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Very small. Were you to measure everything at Tom height, it would be about as big as my dining room and my living room. But then factor in the very high ceilings to the equation and you'll have a lot of unusable space unless I can find out a way to think vertically without using one of those stairways on wheels they have at the library.

It would force me to be very minimalistic and far more organized and clean than I currently am. Exposed brick walls are something I've always thought was pretty bad ass and made for the perfect place. Yes, I'm a guy. Also, the entryway is large enough that I could actually get myself a big person bed, upgrading from the god damned twin bed I have now because nothing larger will fit in the downstairs bedroom and, to get anything larger upstairs, one would have to remove the bottom steps and do some serious ass finagling. I like that there's a lot of light coming in, my current place is very dark, even with full sunlight. The "kitchenette" is meh at best.

Also, the current tenant hasn't washed their bathroom for at least a year. The bathtub had and black skin and fur... It might have been breathing, as well. Not quite a sentient trash heap, but very close.

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