Sunday, May 03, 2009

So I had this thing yesterday, I met this girl for coffee and we hung out all day. And it was pretty much awesome. I don't want to go over it all because then I'll think about it and over analyze every little detail, looking for something stupid I did, where I messed up badly. I don't want to do that anymore, it's not necessary.

I'm pretty sure this girl likes me. But that's a concept I've always had trouble accepting. A girl that I think is cool likes me? Not possible. And I think that's where I go wrong, I never let myself get comfortable around women and that's why, after about 30 days, they get tired of my shit and say that's enough. That needs to end now because this girl is totally rad. She's probably the only other human being I've ever met that's seen the Suburbia movie.

I felt a little dread when she said "let's play rock band" because last time I played it was at Best Buy where I played the drums on a Rolling Stones song. I'm pretty sure after that performance, Mick Jagger had me killed and made it look like a bizarre gardening accident. I tried to put up a good front this time but it turns out she's definitely a better Pete Townshend than I am Keith Moon. Fortunately, she left out the windmills.

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