Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm not sure, but I think I might be getting too old for this shit.

At the show with the really shitty bands last night, the kids got into it, I'm not sure why, the appeal of that weird metal growl/scream thing loses its appeal with me in about 3.5 seconds when I wonder if this song or band is called pterodactyl and if the guitars are still tuning or if this an actual song. But when the kids ran into each other and one fell, they didn't help one another up. One of my favorite things about seeing a show in a strange basement rather than in some venue that caters to kids with that stupid looking flat emo hair thing who don't understand the unwritten rules with these things, which allow people to not get hurt. In a show at a strange basement, if you hit the floor, before you even know what the fuck just happened, there's about ten arms in your face trying to help you up, even if you don't know any of those people, even if you're ultra-stinky/sweaty crusty guy.

So I witnessed only one guy get a dislocated shoulder last night. That's quite a shame to me. I mean, if you're gonna go out and get a dislocated shoulder, why not do it to a band who doesn't suck ass, rather than to a band whose name has got to be something like Dinosaur Sounds, which DOES NOT mean they're a dinosaur themed Beach Boys cover band.

I don't know, I'll be able to find out if this is actually old age or just a case of those kids are just too young and dumb to understand next month when Ghost Mice play in a basement that I've never been to(seriously, check out the flyer, that's the best flyer ever), followed the next month by Andrew Jackson Jihad at the same basement, even if it's not listed on their myspace page yet.

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