Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can you fix my TV, Tommy? I want it so it shows all the channels.

Sure thing, Gramma.

You don't have a TV at your house yet, do you?

No, I might get a big fancy one after I move to a new place, but, for now, I'm okay without one. There's nothing I'm missing. I mean, when everyone was panicking about swine flus, I was wondering why I should give a shit that pigs have the flu. Yeah, I miss some cool stuff, but I miss some lame shit, too. Really, the only thing I want to see right now is the Bruins playoff games and that's to figure out when I have to shave(probably soon since they're down 3-1 in a best of 7 series...).

But how do you know what the weather is going to be?

I go outside...

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and there was this person walking down the aisle who looked like they were talking to themself, but then I noticed this tiny thing in their ear. What was that?

That was a phone headset. People nowadays feel that if they stop talking, even for a second, they'll die.

But they were talking about completely inane things. The woman said "...And now I'm in the cereal aisle. What should I get? I don't know?" and then, in the toilet paper aise, "Should I buy 2 ply or 3?" Who in the HELL cares about that kind of thing?

I don't know, Gramma. People are pretty self-important these days and also are completely incapable of making the tough decision between crunchberries or regular.

I hate cell phones.

Me too, Gramma.

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