Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You ever have one of those days? One where it's like you're an armless, legless guy in an ass kicking contest? The ones where nothing goes right as soon as you come in to work? They tell you "Oh, the the IT manager from Nova Scotia is going to be here and his laptop's CPU fan stopped working last night! You need to replace it when he gets here! He's got a T60."

Unfortunately, a T60 is two year old technology and the newest shit you've got at your disposal is a five year old T42. And you remind them of that very fact, but they say, "Oh, you're the magic man. You can fix anything!", but you tell them that your sonic screwdriver is in the shop, so, yeah, I can make this thing fit, but I can't guarantee that it's going to start up again when I'm done. "Well, do it anyways."

And then the India indian dude says "Hey, make my phone get my emails", but only after telling you that he doesn't even know your name. I mean, C'mon, Sajneej. I've worked here for almost a year now and fixed your shit on numerous occasions, so the least you can do is remember the name of the bearded guy so that when you forget your email password, he'd be less disgruntled, maybe even gruntled enough to bail your ass out yet again.

And then you get to deal with lady trying to get her Excel spreadsheet to work and you've got to explain to her in the gentlest terms possible that it's not an issue with the software, that it's working just as it's supposed to, and that her problem is a PEBKAC issue.

So, yeah, maybe that day sucked, maybe the armless, legless guy, Nubs, didn't win that fight, but, then again, maybe our friend Nubs wasn't trying to win. I mean, dude doesn't even have any fucking arms or legs. What's he gonna do, bite the other guys fucking legs off? Maybe Nubs was only in that Octagon cage thing just to prove that he could hold his own, that he ain't gonna get his ass beat by some bitch ass white guy. And if that's case, our boy Nubs wins. Yeah buddy!

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