Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to get nervous about the weekend. Not because it's record store day and the store my buddy had reserve some of the limited Gaslight Anthem 10" is getting fewer copies than originally planned. Not because it's the 40th annual trivia weekend, the largest trivia contest in the world, hosted by the radio station I used to DJ at and team Dead Girls Don't Say No is going to make the top 30 this year. Not because I'm getting a large tattoo in a place that supposed to hurt more than I can possibly imagine, and I've got a good imagination.

Nope, that's all easy time. No worries there. Well, maybe some with the tattoo because I don't like to bleed unless I have to. No, the thing that's got me worked up is the roller derby where I'm meeting this girl I've never met before. I'm pretty sure tattoing lines beneath my skin is going to leave me burned out and in a daze, so I might be less sociable and more awkward than normal, which I'm not even sure is possible, but I'll find out I guess.

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