Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm able to talk again, no thanks to the people at work who enjoy seeing me in pain. I should have known better than to give brand spanking new laptops to users who ask me if I make house calls to "fix their 'innernet' on my Windows 98". You'd think saying "I'm highly contagious right now. You should probably stay away from me. In fact, I might be dieing." would keep folks away from me, but then you have to remember that these folks are actual employees, who get actual paid time off.

In order to further combat what I believe to be some alien type of tubercolis, or possibly just a sinus infection, I've considered purchasing one of these, but I'm not sure one goes about asking if they carry such wares. I envision something like this:

"Yeah, do you guys sell neti pots?"

"Did you check the gardening section?"

"No, it's not for that. It's like a small teapot with an elongated funnel, which you fill with saltwater, stuff into your nostril and pour it out, making it come out the other side, taking boogers, mucus, and alien viruses with it."

"What? You lost me at elongated..."

I have my doubts as to how much a device like that would help. I hope it would work better than the emergen-C I've been chugging four packets a day of for the past week and a half.

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