Thursday, April 09, 2009

I very nearly broke my smoking fast last night(I broke my other fast three weeks in. 21 days. Did you know Avril Lavigne has her own clothing line at Kohl's? Neither did I...), and so close to the end, too. When I cloned my dad's old, failing hard drive to the new one I told him it was very stupid to not just use a fresh windows install, but the fear of the loss of e-mail passwords, which are nothing more complicated than "keepout", was far too great. So when shit turned pear shape, just as I warned him it would, naturally, rather than take it to geek squad and pay for actual service, or even pay me in beer like he knows he's supposed to, he calls me up in a panic because his quickbooks wont work and here it is, one week before that shit needs to be submitted.

I've got no sympathy for that kind of shit. I mentioned you'd be an autistic retard if you didn't reinstall Windows or at least check that your software works before you absolutely need it. But what do I know, you can always call me up in a complete panic and I'll fix your shit because I love dealing with panicked people who took the easy way out over taking the intelligent way.

After a half hour on the phone, with me telling him countless times that there's nothing I can do, that he'll need to reinstall the software or he'll need the software key to get shit going again and that I don't recall seeing any beer change hands after the last "emergency", the missing software key was found underneath a printer. "Oh, I'll make sure to put that in a place where I won't forget about it next time..."

If you ever wonder why I don't answer my phone, or why I only check my voice mail once a week, perhaps now you'll understand why I deliberately make it difficult to get in contact with me.

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