Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This one may turn out more incoherent than the last because this one involves slightly more alcohol.

So I may have given my phone number to that chick who dissed me 2-3 years ago on new years night when I siad "You know, we don't have to be the only ones not making out right now." and she said "Yes we do."

She stopped me on my way to the bathroom on pint number five, an estimation because I did another boot, plus another pint at the yuppy bar where there were actually people celebrating. I'm pretty sure I gave her my phone number, which I really didn't want to do and I probably should chnage my phone number now becuase I don't need any of that shit. But she said, "You're not wearng orange", to which I said "Yeah, I'm Jewish, and therefore against all things Catholic, so I'm wearing orange which is against Catholics." She says "You're not really against Catholics, are you?" and I say "Well, that asshole, the pope, did say that condoms don't prevent AIDs so he can kiss the brownest, most unwipped part of my asshole, so yes, I am against Catholics."

I only saw one other person wearing orange tonight, and I gave that fellow a high five, even if he was polish and somehow not catholic.

And there was this thing next to me that I had to ask the guy next to me, whom I used to work with at the potato factory, if it was a man or a woman because it had that hair assymetrical hairdo that covers one eye but also had a baby face. Turns out, it was a dude. I should habve known, dude knwe every word to that erally shitty Jimmy Eat World song, and only a really emo douche would do that.

I don't know, I'm taking a shot of the Bushmills whickey and then waking up hung over for work tomorrow. Wish me luck...

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