Saturday, March 28, 2009

Smarch Sadness looms and I've got to get out of the house. I'm tired and more cranky than usual for no real reason. Perhaps my body knows and understands when the weatherman says we could get 7 inches of snow tonight that it means that the groundhog from February must still be fucking with us. 7 inches of snow, how can this be? This IS the month that goes out like a lamb and the only way 7 inches can be lamb weather is if the lion weather is two feet of fresh snow, which didn't happen.

Today was time to get a look at this tattoo and schedule the date because this machine does kill fascits and it's time for my chest to proclaim just that. And on the way back from the tattoo shop, I looked in the rear view mirror and wow, my hair sucks today. Must be time for a haircut, even though I'm pretty sure I just got one sometime in February, but I might as well as long as I'm here. The lady asked what I'm doing the rest of the day and I don't like that question because I don't plan shit. Planning is for assholes who can't handle winging it. So I told her, well I think I need food but I don't know where to go because I don't do fast food if I can help it and I'm feeling like I'd enjoy a beer with my lunch. I recall a new place opened, an Irish pub, surely they've got food and drink.

So I go and I drink. Turns out they've got Murphy's on tap. The best beer in the world, and it's only the second bar I've ever encountered that's had it on tap. This could be good. And I ordered my corned beef sandwich, not on rye though, unfortunately. Damn, I wish they'dmake it a corned beef on rye. At shift change, the next bartender came in while I'm eating and working on only beer number 2, so I'm nowhere near drunk or beligerent or anything. I could feel her looking at me while she was pouring herself a water, so I smiled and said hi, because that's the polite thing to do. The hi I got back was one of those half-assed-I'm-only-acknowledging-your-existance-because-I'm-in-the-service-business hi's. Not cool. So it's time to go home, rather than work up a good buzz drinking my favorite beer. And on my way home, Garrison Keiler tells me the Prarie Home Companion show is live tonight in Appleton and I say god dammit, Garrison Keiler, why wasn't I informed of this? I'd like to see you if you're in my old town and not listen to it on the radio. Lousy bum.

And I'm still tired and I'm still cranky, so it's time for a nap. One of those naps that turns into a full fledged sleep and I wake up at 9 tomorrow morning to 7 fresh inches of snow that aren't there right now.

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