Sunday, March 22, 2009

It was about a year ago that I packed a bunch of shit and got in a car with some people from school that I didn't know all that well and we all drove to Tennessee to build houses for poor people during our spring break. It was an adventure that I won't soon forget because it was such a good time, nevermind that we ate food that we dubbed "everloaf", short for everything-loaf because it was a casserole that contained tuna, ground beef, peas, carrots, cornflakes, and god knows how many other foods. It was also a disappointing trip in that I couldn't get my new friends to try exotic new foods, to go along with my rules of the road: 1. No worries 2. No regrets 3. No fast food. My fellow passengers had never in their lives had White Castle and I was willing to break rule #3 to show them the awesomeness of sliders, but they didn't want to live on the edge. They also chose to not try Waffle House, instead settling for Sonic, which to me seemed like a third rate Hardees. However, at a stop at a gas station with a McDonalds on the way, I'm pretty sure I saw Zack Galifianakis but I didn't say anything to him because I wasn't sure, even though he had a backstage pass thinger with his picture on a lanyard.

DSCN1287I only bring all this up because I'm right now getting the itch again to go out and drive somewhere far away, be it to build houses or just to get the fuck out of Wisconsin and just to sleep in my car. This is the time of year that I'd like to see Glacier National Park in Montana because I'm pretty sure it'd be amazing in springtime, but I've seen enough of the west and have no interest whatsoever in the American Southwest, so I'd probably head east, given the chance. They mentioned a down at the mill, which every mill but ours has done so far, but it sounds like the down time is going to be for a day and not a week like everyone else's and, during our down, all the office ladies would still be in, which means I'd still work because those people are the most of my troubles during the day.

Bummer, I've got a craving for more basement shows in places I've never been to, even if it means putting up with a lousy noise punk band like I heard in Tennessee last year.


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