Sunday, March 01, 2009

I had to get out because boredom is the first step on the road to relapse. I'm good without smoking so far because I don't have Lucky Strikes readily available but boredom + internets = not making it even five days, which would be pathetic. But where can one go on a Sunday? This entire town is god damn Catholics, so they do leave their fucking houses on Sundays because the boogey man is out there on Sundays or something. Fortunately, this is still Wisconsin, so bars are open.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, my home bar generally has people in it. Regulars. Alcoholics. Salt of the Earth. My people. Not today. The bar was empty except for the bartender, the girl with the cat eye glasses. I haven't seen her since the night that guy tried to hit on her by saying he liked her glasses and she thanked him, sat down and took them off. I celebrated momentarily for that bastard getting shot down, but then realized I probably would have tried the same line if I tried at all, so I finished my beer and left.

She had Lord of the Rings on the television because, she told me, they're doing a marathon today. Well, I'm not moving from this bar. We talked during commercials about how she apparently spent a couple weeks in Thailand and about how awesome that was. From what I hear, it was loads of awesome and the food was great, but after a couple weeks, she just wanted a cheeseburger and I very nearly told her I loved her after hearing that. I don't know if you check these things at all, if you pay attention, but there's a disturbingly large amount of women in my age group that are vegetarians and that's not how I roll, so when you find one that likes cheeseburgers, you've found something, boy. But two cans of Hamms isn't enough to get me to profess my love for anyone, even if LotR is on in the background.

3:00 starts the NASCAR race which brought more people out. Unfortunately, there's not enough beer in the world that makes me want to watch cars turn left two hours, so I had to get out and head home. Bummer. I think I have walking pneumonia or T.B. or something. I might be dying.

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