Friday, March 27, 2009

I figured I shouldn't drink beers tonight because I had too many Schlitzes last night. How many is too many? I'm not sure of that one myself. I know there was a can of Hamm's at the beginning and a shot of Bushmills for good measure somewhere in the middle, which the dudes I was hogging the jukebox with to keep the riff raff out also partook of before we started playing darts. I seem to remember giving one of those guys advice when he said he wanted to join a band but he didn't think he had enough talent. I had to tell the guy that it's not always all about talent, a great stage presence can help make you epic. Look at the Sex Pistols. Fairly mediocre band, but with a healthy stage presence, they conquered the world in 1977. Clearly, that's an oversimplification, but everything after five beers and a couple shots is going to be.

So instead of braving the cold weather to give'r again tonight, I should stay in. But what to do? I could try watching that final episode of Battlestar Galactica that I downloaded. That doesn't work, You can't really get into a show with the final episode because shit's going on that makes no sense whatsoever, so scratch that one. It's time to do a myspace band tour. South by Southwest ended a week ago and I wasn't there. I'll never be there, though. It seems like too much to cram into a week (it's only a week, right?) and too many yuppy types and at hurtling towards 30, I might be too old for such shenanigans.

What's a myspace band tour? Well, I've got this philosophy that if you don't find new music that blows you away at least every couple weeks, you're doing the internet wrong. So how do you do the internet right, then? In order to do it right, you start at a band's myspace page, any band you think rules. If your favorite band doesn't have a myspace, they're doing the internet wrong. Go to the razorcake one and click on the the band on the current month's issue. That's as good a starter as any, Razorcake will never let you down. Or you could start with a band who gets their name from a quote from one of your favorite 80's movies, I prefer Jerk Alert. And now you start playing a kind of six degrees of seperation(Kevin Bacon) with them. Click on bands that friends, and friends of friends of your starter. Sure, you'll take a wrong turn now and then and wind up on some weird german or Norweigan band's page, but sometimes that ain't so bad. Yes, you're gonna come across a lot of crap, but that makes the awesome find even better. Do this for an hour or two, drink beer or coffee. Give it enough time, and you'll probably find something new that you like. Why's it a tour? Well, I don't know. Maybe you can pretend that you're going to all the places these bands are from. You can go from Gainesville to Richmond to Montreal to Portland in a matter of a couple clicks and a couple minutes. Awesome! And if you find something you like, you should probably order their 7", that way you can be the pretentious record snob who has loads of obscure vinyl and no girlfriend/boyfriend and nothing better to do on a Friday night than this. Good luck.

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