Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear Jay,

When you lived at the House of Hoss, on April Fools Day, we comtemplated getting you with got you with #9. By we, I mean Kyle and Bearded. Mostly Bearded. I don't think they did that to you because it was far too obvious. I gave them the idea for what they eventually did, something not so obvious. So not obvious, in fact, that it didn't make the list, but is equally as funny and harmless. Scotch tape on the bottom of an optical mouse renders it completely useless until removed. Other mice will work fine. The one with scotch tape on the bottom will not.

It is not possible to get a virus in your mouse. Not possible at all, not even on Microsoft branded ones.


Tommy Tumult

P.S.: Everyone who reads this who uses Windows, you damn sure better have ALL windows updates installed before tomorrow, particularly the one numbered 958644(which initially came out back in October). If you don't currently have it installed, download that patch and the one labeled Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool(March 2009) and also run the removal tool. If you call me about this tomorrow, may god have mercy on your soul.

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