Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"What do I have to call Europe now to get you to come out here to look at my computer?"

"no, your call gets forwarded canada. it's been that way since october. if you have issue with that, talk to corporate, not me."

"What the hell! That guy couldn't even talk English good!"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. If I pointed out the irony in that statement, the sentiment would clearly be lost on this guy. Just stand there and smile while this man berates you.

"Why can't I just walk into your office and tell you I've got a problem anymore?"

I don't know, maybe because every god damn issue you people have involves the sky falling into the sea, dogs and cats living together, the zombie Christ rising from the dead come to kill us all, and shit being on fire. In reality, your problem isn't that dire and doesn't require a programmer to drop everything they're doing because your keyboard doesn't work(try plugging it in...) or you can't get internet to work anymore(you weren't supposed to in the first place). "that's the way corporate wants it, guy. it's been that way since october. if you want to file a complaint, talk to someone else." I'm just here to fix your shit, not to give a shit.

"So you're telling me that I've got to call some foreign country just to get you to come out here?"

Canada's not exactly a foreign country. At least, not in the derogatory sense you're trying to put it in, asshole. You're trying to make it sound like they do such blasphemous things as wiping their ass with their right hand and and eating with their left or worshiping some bearded sky wizard that anally rapes bearded sky wizard and that's just not the case. "yeah, i guess i am..."

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