Sunday, February 15, 2009

It wasn't a bad ides of February. Not good by any means, but not bad, either.

Generally, I'm a shut in on that day because dealing with the world and its people is just too hard for someone who has a hard time dealing with people in the first place. You've got two camps on that day: The super overly happy ones who deliberately carry around their balloons and flowers(as though they mean anything more than "Baby, society tells me that if I want to get laid tonight then I have to buy you these. I put absolutely no thought into this gift at all.") just to flaunt in front of that other camp, the hardcore pissed off angry/despressed ones. Both are extremes that I just don't want to tolerate, so I stay inside and watch John Cusack movies and eat ice cream.

In light of recent events and the fact that god damn 12 year olds are getting more action than I(nevermind that she looks the offspring of Gollum[where the fuck are her eyebrows?!]), I decided that wasn't the correct course of action this year. I need to socialize with actual humans. I chose poorly, but it wound up being okay. Willie the race car driver was in the market for a new computer to replace the ten year old Dell he'd been using to browse one webpage at a time or listen to mp3s. When I lived with the guy, every couple months I had to get spyware and viruses off it because he looks at possibly more porn than I do. I always told him that if he gets a new computer, I'll set Linux up on it for him and there's virtually no way he could get a virus through there, nor will it ever slow down. So we hit up Best Buy, found a good machine and let the salesman pester us with his "Would you like to spend an extra $75 to have the Geek Squad look at this to make it not slow?" spiel, which sounds to me like an awful lot like extortion, so I shot that asshole down and told him as soon as we got this thing home, we're putting Linux on it and that this thing will never see Windows. Here's a quick tip if you ever buy a computer from those people: Those machines come loaded with trial software. LOADED. You don't need any of it, I assure you. What you HAVE to do is get a Windows install disk, formate the hard drive and reinstall Windows using the registration key that's printed on the sticker on the computer. This is entirely legal, except for the part where you ask me to get you a Windows install disk. DO NOT use the restore disc they gave you because that just restores your computer with all the crap software they installed. If you don't follow that advice, I will not help you make your computer faster, especially if you're not paying me.

Back on track. While setting up Ubuntu Linux, I got to hear all about Willie's exploits of signing up to match.com. The stories I got to hear lowered my opinion of women even more than they already are. It turns out the women of Appleton can't keep their clothes on for a man who can't keep a job for more than six months, eats Taco John's every day three times a day, and only gives a shit about racing. His stories made me hurry the fuck up and get everything transferred and set up as quickly as possible.

Afterwards, the good part started. I met up with my buddy Brent and his friend Liz and we put the wheels in motion. I've got a lady designing and will ultimately tattoo on me(in about a month's time) my This machine kills fascists burning heart tattoo. It's on now!

From there, we hit up the vintage clothing store that I love and looked at awesome old clothes. After pointing out this absolutely gorgeous dress I was informed that I've got good taste in vintage dresses. "No, I've just got a good imagination. Put that on the right woman and that would be jaw droppingly, devastatingly hot. Get her in a good pair of uncomfortable footwear and it would look even better." I bought a pea green suit jacket to replace the one that was given to Goodwill in Seattle and it came with matching pants that absolutely need to be hemmed because I could easily fit another one of me and a half in them. Overall, an epic find. Epic day!

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