Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm putting off for tomorrow the big things I wanted to accomplish today because last night's celebration of the curse of a drunk was a rousing success, if success is measured by the fact that the curse of a drunk is he'll go home alone. I WILL measure success by just such a metric.

The girl who used to have green liberty spikes in her hair so that she looked very much like the Statue of liberty, except with glasses, sat in the stool next to mine. Since getting rid of the liberty spikes and the mohawk she was sporting last month, she now has hair like the Utz chip girl but cuter. She thought it neat to took a picture of my pack of Lucky Strikes because "you don't see those all that often anymore", and then asked if I was any good at darts. "Only when I'm drunk.", so we played a round, which I won. After my narrow victory, we resumed drinking cheap beers and chatting until she got cold because a polyester/spandex blend isn't winter apparell, even if it is mid-30's outside, so I lent her the hoodie off my back and we sang Patsy Cline songs and drunkenly danced to I don't even remember what until she left.

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