Thursday, January 01, 2009

What does a $70 bottle of whiskey look like?


What does a $70 bottle of whiskey taste like? Ever kissed an angel? Me neither, but if kissing an angel is half as smooth and delicious and pure and intoxicating as this whiskey, then it's something that I should like to seek out.

I was in bed by 9:30, though not due to expensive whiskey. After a couple sips, I realized this stuff has the potential to be dangerous because it doesn't have the bite of the regular $20 bottle, so you hardly know you're drinking whiskey. It feels more like a good cognac, which means I'd get pants shittingly drunk without even knowing it on this stuff. Rather than go full bore on the stuff, I had a couple glasses and poured myself a Tommy Tumult because I still have a couple cans of Murphy's Stout left over from my Murphy's beef stew. After playing a few records, I got tired and decided fuck it, nothing good will come of me being awake.

I did, however, wake up at 11:57 needing to pee, so I made my way to the bathroom and, when finished, said "Happy New Year, Big Tom" and went back to bed.

Yes, I wished my wiener a happy new year. No one else was gonna do it, so why not?

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