Sunday, January 11, 2009

Turns out Friday night was hockey night in Green Blah because, when dealing with my buddies from Crappleton who, in their younger years, did entirely too many hard drugs, which makes them excellent candidates for their program of choice, drug and alcohol counselors, you need to remember that these guys can't remember. They don't remember that they were supposed to call me or they think they already did or they forget the difference between Friday and Saturday. They test my patience very often.

So we did the hockey game on Friday night and I did my best to teach them proper etiquette by calling the opposing team's goalie a sieve, among other things, and letting the ref know he fucked up. The best thing all night was when the announcer said you're welcome after the crowd thanks him for letting everyone know there's a minute remaining in the period. There also might have been a fight or it might have been two players trying to make out, from my seat I couldn't tell.

Since we did the hockey on Friday and my buddy's new girlfriend is a roller derby girl(but only kind of), we hit up the roller derby on Saturday. If you've never seen that kind of thing in your life before, I can tell you now that you really ought to because, to me, it seemed like a glimpse of heaven. Women in tight outfits battering each other on skates with Reverend Nørb emceeing the event along with the occasional Ramones song in the background. Yep, heaven.

And now today's schedule has us waiting until the time that the tattoo place opens so I can get my "This Machine Kills Fascists" burning heart tattoo designed, so that next weekend I can get this thing put on me. Yeah, seeing all those cute girls with tattoos beating each other and then afterwords going to their trucker hat wearing boyfriends/husbands made me decide immediately it's time to get this thing started and done.

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